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 Primary Schools


We are proud to be working in 3 exceptional Primary schools in our area. Lapal, Peters HIll & Pedmore C of E for whom we provide peripatetic tuition for students , bands and Gospel choirs. All admin is carried out by our team cutting down the work for the busy schools. 

Secondary Schools


Over the past 2 years we have been able to run Guitar, Vocal & Keys clubs for a local school - Ridgewood High School. This has enabled the school to increase the number of children participating in music by 800 per cent and greatly improved their take up at GCSE level. 

The Future Sounds Good


If you are a school looking at alternatives from your present provider , please contact us to see if we can help. We will happily pass on details from other schools so you may speak to them directly to see how it has worked for them to see if you wish to do the same.  

Founder’s Notes 
Heading for our seventh year , it was always my mission to make music lessons accessible to most, value for money for parents, engaging for all whilst working with exceptional teachers. I am proud and lucky to say we still continue to do so and the people with whom I work both at the music school and schools who we serve , are simply the best. 
C Sharp


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